What are Clogs?

Clogs have been around for quite sometime. Originally they were footwear made completely from wood with a closed toe and open back. The exact date of their invention is unknown.

Today, the shape of the clog has remained relatively the same, however the material that they are made out of has changed. Clogs are made of nearly as many types of material as any other type of shoe is made from. There are clogs that are dressier looking, clogs that are similar to tennis shoes, house shoes that are clogs, and clogs for gardening activities.

Clogs have been unisex in nature since they originiated. Meaning that women or men can wear them. You will frequently see clogs in medical offices or in hospitals as clogs are made with a curve that fits to the foot in way that is supporting to the leg and calf. Clogs are mainly sought after for their comfort when worn.

Many gardeners also wear clogs while they are toiling away in the dirt. Whether you are carrying a Solo backpack sprayer or pushing an Earthway Precision Garden Seeder you may want to look at garden clogs for your needs. They definitely offer much better support than the flip-flops I've seen many people using when working in their yards.